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John Quinn - Essendon Football Club
"The tubs have been a huge success ..."

In 2001 I approached PhysioPools with the concept of constructing state of the art contrast tubs to assist in the recovery and maintenance of our players here at Essendon Football Club. The tubs have been a huge success – so much so in fact that leading stadiums (such as Telstra Stadium here in Melbourne) have since adopted the same tubs for the use of competing players at their venues.

Chris Waller – Trainer for champion mare ‘Winx’
"Our ThoroughTread Aquatic Chilled water treadmill is busy everyday and is a valuable and highly recommended piece of equipment."

The Thoroughtread Aquatic treadmill has provided significant longevity to my horses preparation as they utilize the spa during their recovery. The unit is easily maintained and I couldn’t do without it.

Roslyn TrimboliGuardala
"We have also had elite athletes using the pool for both fitness and recovery sessions."

Since installing the HydroTread 1611 Underwater Treadmill Unit from PhysioPools in March 2011 we have experienced and increase in interest and usage. The machine is very simple to operate, allowing us to cater for a large range of clients, varying in size and weight, with conditions ranging from;

  • Post operation rehabilitation.
  • Post stroke rehabilitation.
  • Return to work strengthening programs.
  • People with chronic disabilities e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Osteoarthritis.
  • Weight loss exercise programs.

With the use of the individualised strength and exercise programs we are able to progress from basic to complex water based exercises and then land based exercises allowing the client to get back to there activities much quicker than just physiotherapy alone. enabling the clients recovery rate to speed up dramatically..

The HydroTread 1611 is not only for people with injuries. We have also had elite athletes using the pool for both fitness and recovery sessions. This has been successful in allowing us to create a new method of treatment and target a broader group of clients.

Roslyn TrimboliGuardala - Master of Physiotherapy - B.App.Sc (Exercise and Sports Science)

Teresa March - Purely Essential Therapies
"I have had great success with thePhysio 1611."

I have had great success with the Physio 1611. I have an 81year old lady who fell in April and cracked her pelvis. She is a very agile lady but the accident left her totally insecure, she was having to use a walking frame and had given up driving her car. After completing 6 x 30minute sessions under my supervision she had gained her confidence back and was able to walk again un-aided. The Physio 1611, due to the fact that she was supported by the water as I had the level of water to her waist was able to walk quite comfortably and without pain. I corrected her posture whilst she was walking paying particular notice of her foot movements. She has also corrected her other health issues because she was able to exercise in comfort. Vera is now on her 22nd treatment has returned to her active senior life style and drives herself to all her functions. Although she is very well and active she remains a weekly client as she finds exercising in the Physio 1611 has improved her health and wellbeing.

Gai Waterhouse - Horse trainer and businesswoman
"I have seen excellent results."

“I started using my ThoroughChill salt water spa 18 months ago at Randwick and I have now purchased a second unit for my Flemington stable. I have seen excellent results. I do like taking my horses to the beach, but the ice spa is one step better. The team at PhysioPools have been great and easy to work with.”

Jordan Petreski - Qualified Small Animal Hydrotherapist
"Hydroco helped us by providing us with customisable options to their base underwater treadmill models."

DogSwim Canberra approached Hydroco/Lexco because we were in a position where our old underwater treadmill was no longer able to keep up with demand. We needed a larger, sturdier machine. Hydroco helped us by providing us with customisable options to their base underwater treadmill models. The result was a machine tailored to our needs and our customer’s preference. One thing we liked was their prompt response times and we have been pleasantly surprised by their willingness to help and their offers for assistance post installation. One example was their software upgrade scheduled at a time that suited us. We found the experience positive and would recommend Hydroco/Lexco to anyone needing a quality hydrotherapy unit.