VertiFloatWeightless Vertical Floatation


VertiFloat is an above-ground, aquatic vessel designed for long-term reliable operation. Its smooth Polymer, Stainless Steel & Toughened Glass surfaces and user friendly controls provide a safe environment for both operator and user. A clear door panel provides a spacious, bright and open environment for user comfort and allows the operator full visual overseeing during session.

Relaxation With Thermal Compression

VertiFloat utilizes the natural properties of water – buoyancy, Hydrostatic pressure and temperature.

The bather is comfortably contained within an ‘Aqualiner’ (thin polymer bag) whilst floating so that there is no body fluid contamination of the systems water. The ‘Aqualiner’ also contains body products such as mud, seaweed, or supplements if used during a float session.

Deep Water Capacity

VertiFloat’s unique structural design enables an impressive 1700mm (67 inches) water depth, providing full buoyancy for even the tallest of bather’s providing a weightless environment – no stress on any joint or limb!

Fast Fill and Fast Empty hydro-pumps ensure efficient use of time throughout each session – water depth adjustment can be made at anytime during use.

Water-Wise, Safe Hygienic Use

All water in the VertiFloat system is Re-Cycled. Water is stored, heated, filtered and sanitized in the storage tank ready for transfer into the VertiFloat for use. Following use the water is then transferred back into the storage tank. Filtration and sanitizing system is commercial grade like used in public pools & Spas.


The upward thrust exerted by water on a body acts in the opposite direction of the force of gravity. Water’s buoyancy virtually eliminates the effects of gravity – supporting 90% of the body’s weight for reduced impact and greater flexibility.

A 180 lbs (82kg) person weighs only 18 lbs (8 kg) in the water. Water acts as a cushion for the body’s weight-bearing joints, reducing stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments. As a result, Vertifloat sessions are low impact and can greatly reduce the pain and strains from injury.

H20 Heart Rate

The unique properties of water enable your heart to work more efficiently. The hydrostatic pressure of water pushes equally on all body surfaces and helps the heart circulate blood by aiding venous return (blood flow back to the heart). This assistance to the heart accounts for lower blood-pressure and heart rates, during VertiFloat – up to 15 beats per minute lower.