ThoroughTread DRYEquine Treadmill Excellence!

ThoroughTread DRY

ThoroughTread DRY is an above-ground, compact treadmill designed for long-term reliable operation.

Its smooth surfaces and user friendly controls, provide a safe working environment for both operator and animal. Clear wall panels surround the treadmill to provide a spacious, bright and open environment for animal comfort and allows the operator full visual overseeing during exercise.

Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Strengthening

Equine athletes achieve peak performance and rehabilitation from injury, ThoroughTread DRY provides a compact and efficient way to achieve positive results.

Quiet, Smooth, Powerful Motion

A high performance, variable speed treadmill (conveyor) is driven by an industrial grade electric motor / gearbox / Variable Frequency Drive that provides an effortless speed range from 0.07 Kph to 45.0 Kph (0.43Mph–30.0 Mph) controlled via a 256 Colour Touch Screen Control with additional Rotary Encoder Knob for ease of speed control.

Shock Absorbing Incline

The conveyor deck is shock absorbing providing additional comfort and safety for the animal – this is also the case when the ThoroughTread is in the incline position of up to 7 degrees.