Benefits of Aquatic Treadmills for all of us.

There are so many benefits of aquatic treadmills.

Easy access

The HydroTread 1610 TREADMILL has a walk-through access door for ease of entry and within minutes it is filled to the desired level up to 1300mm (51 inches) with crystal clear temperature controlled water. The water level may be adjusted at anytime during use to suit the exercise requirement. The smooth variable speed treadmill is also controlled via the touch screen and allows speeds selection of up to 15kph (9.0mph).

Spacious, caters to any body

The HydroTread is spacious enough to enable a variety of aquatic exercises to be performed within. After each session the water from the HydroTread is then transferred back into a separate water storage tank where it is automatically heated, treated and filtered - providing hygienically re-cycled water ready for the next session.

Above ground, and relocatable

The HydroTread is an above-ground system that is shipped in modular form and assembled at site by our technicians. All components are sized to fit through a normal door opening so it can be assembled almost anywhere within a very little space. Being modular also means that the HydroTread can be relocated at anytime in the future.


With the addition of audio, lighting and fragrance to your steam shower you will effectively transform your bathroom into a welcoming wellness escape.

Low impact fitness

Walking or running on an aquatic treadmill is an excellent mode of low impact exercise. Exercising in water puts far less stress on your body than walking or running on outdoor surfaces. This makes it perfect for those with injuries or joint pain. The aquatic treadmill is an excellent method of cardiovascular work-out.

Popular Physio and Osteo industries

An ideal form of general exercise, rehabilitation and recovery. The aquatic treadmill is conducive to all levels of fitness and abilities. Popular in the physiotherapy and osteopath industries the aquatic treadmill enables patient rehabilitation to occur on site with or without supervision.

Ready to go

The HydroTread 1610 TREADMILL is a heavy duty, commercial grade product that is designed for safe, reliable, low maintenance use. Only standard electrical & plumbing requirement to the system is required – HydroTread is both water & energy wise!