Koslex Hydrotherapy Pools


  • Modular Above-ground Assembly
  • Adjustable Water Level
  • Variable Speed Treadmills
  • Clear Viewing Panels
  • Automatic Water Treatment Technology
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Low Maintenance Hygienic Surfaces
  • Buoyancy, Resistance and Temperature


Koslex HydroTread – Variable Speed Treadmill

The Koslex Hydrotherapy Pools can be fitted with integrated underwater treadmills. The Koslex HydroTread is a variable speed, treadmill that smoothly and efficiently adjusts from a slow 0.9kph (0.6mph) to a sprint speed of 15kph (9.3mph). The mounted electronic display panel provides full user control over the treadmill operation, including speed and feedback on water depth, temperature and distance travelled.

A key feature of the design of the integrated underwater treadmill is that although there are treadmill units in the pool all the treadmill workings are underneath the deck and therefore the entire pool is a flat surface with no obtrusions allowing you to use it as an exercise pool when treadmills are not in use.

A touchscreen monitor is available along with a variety of software options to suit specific industries, for example, gyms and Hydrotherapy


The KOSLEX HYDROTHERAPY POOLS, enable efficient water level adjustment to cater for varying buoyancy levels and resistance – anywhere between 750mm-1300mm (29.5” -51” inches). Water level can be adjusted within minutes. The water is transferred to and from a storage tank so there is no waste. Models 1611 and 1111 transfers all the water to a storage tank after each use where it is heated, filtered and treated for optimum hygiene.

All Centres are water and energy wise and do not waste unnecessary amounts of these valuable resources.


Resistance jets and Hydro-jets may also be incorporated in all models to increase resistance during exercise and also to allow swimming against current.


The Koslex Hydrotherapy Pools may be fitted with an ACCESS PANEL to enable hoist entry of bathers. The water in the pool is transferred within minutes to reach a low level of 750mm (29.5 inches). The panel is opened and the bather is passed through the opening. The panel is then closed and the water level adjusted to suit exercise. This addition is particularly useful where the ceiling height in the room is low and does not permit the use of entry steps or ladders.


The clear toughened glass panels enable visual monitoring at all times. Video cameras may be located externally and displayed on monitors for both bather and supervisor viewing. Exercise sessions can be recorded for post exercise evaluation and program development.


Koslex’s Hydrotherapy pools range of products have been developed using the very latest in motion and water control technology. Our Hydrotherapy Pools, Treadmills and Deep Water Aquatic Centres have been designed to allow efficient and flexible above-ground installation saving enormous sums of money and time compared to traditional in-ground pool installation.

These Centres are manufactured in modular form enabling them to be carried through most doorways and entry points in most buildings. This unique design also allows re-location of the centre – if need be – at a future date.

Standard Models

  • 2222 - 2.2m x 2.2m ( 87” x 87”) This can accommodate up to 2 integrated underwater treadmills
  • 4222 - 4.2m x 2.2 m ( 165” x87”) This can accommodate up to 4 integrated underwater treadmills

Custom design also available.

Koslex provide a custom design service.

Pools maybe fabricated to suit clients requirement – above or in-ground installation. We offer many options to cater for individuals requirements.


Koslex Hydrotherapy Pools

Koslex Hydrotherapy Pools